Dead Sony PS3 Super Slim

Sony PS3 Super Slim with no power Encountering a PS3 Super Slim that refused to power on due to a fault with the motherboard, specifically stemming from a failed WiFi chip, posed a significant challenge that required careful troubleshooting and technical expertise. The initial concern was amplified by the realisation that the console had precious […]

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Overheating Sony PS4 Pro

Sony PS4 Pro Overheating Addressing the issue of an overheating PS4 Pro required a thorough examination and precise solutions to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Even though the console seemed to be working fine, the increase in fan noise during gameplay and the subsequent automatic shutdowns due to overheating called for immediate attention. When we

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Rattling xbox one s

Xbox One S rattling when moved and a storage upgrade Addressing the issue of an Xbox One S with a loose object inside while also conducting an internal storage upgrade to 2TB required a meticulous approach and a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. Initially, despite the console appearing to function normally, the presence of a

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PS5 HDMI replacement

Sony PS5 HDMI port replacement Tackling a broken HDMI port on a Sony PS5 demanded a careful and skilled approach to ensure the seamless restoration of this high-end gaming console. Upon receiving the console, we initiated a thorough examination to confirm the extent of the damage and verify that the HDMI port replacement was the

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