liquid damage laptop

Liquid Damage? Act Fast! Speed is Crucial!

The sooner you get it in to us, the better your chances of saving your device


Every second counts when dealing with water damage! Your device is at risk of severe short circuits as long as liquid lingers inside, especially before the battery is disconnected.

Myth Busted: Rice is NOT a Savior! Relying on rice to dry out your phone or laptop is futile. It’s a slow process that can take weeks, during which your device continues its self-destruction.

Act Fast, Save Big: Bring your water-damaged phone to Rocket Repairs within 24 hours for a high likelihood of recovery without needing additional parts.

Macbook Liquid Spill?: Time is critical! Skip the wait for a genius appointment. Rush to Rocket Repairs now! We’ll immediately remove the battery to halt further electrical damage.

Coffee Calamity: Spilled coffee on your keyboard? It’s not just sticky; it’s corrosive. Shake off the excess immediately, turn it upside down or the direction the liquid went in and dash to us without delay.

Hot Chocolate Hazard: Beware of hot chocolate spills on MacBooks! It turns rancid swiftly, emitting a terrible odor within days. Don’t hesitate, bring it in ASAP!

Self-Repair Warning: Countless devices could have been saved if not for DIY attempts gone wrong. Don’t gamble with time. Trust Rocket Repairs with your liquid-damaged device to save hundreds of pounds!

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