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At Rocket Repairs in Southampton

We pride ourselves on being experts in fixing all types of Apple computers, including those treasured vintage models. Apple, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, often comes with high repair costs when serviced at Apple certified repair centres. Here at Rocket Repairs, we challenge this norm by offering the same exceptional quality of repair services for Apple Macbooks and iMacs, but at prices that are significantly more affordable. Furthermore, our commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified by our generous 180-day warranty on repairs, far surpassing Apple’s standard 90-day warranty. Additionally, we ensure that your repairs are done swiftly, without the inconvenience of waiting for an appointment with an Apple “genius”.

Macbook Screen Repair Services in Southampton

Comprehensive Macbook Screen Repair Services in Southampton: The Macbook Air, widely acclaimed for its impressive battery life, making it a favorite among university students for its ability to last a full day on a single charge, is not immune to accidents. Screen damage is a common issue that we encounter. Our approach to this problem involves a full lid replacement, which may cost between £200 and £450. However, we also offer a range of other repair options that might be more economical. We encourage you to contact us at our Southampton location to explore the various solutions we can provide for your Macbook Pro and Macbook Air screen repair needs.

liquid damage macbook

Expert Liquid Damage Repair for Macbooks in Southampton

Dealing with a liquid-damaged Macbook requires immediate and precise action. Our first advice is to switch off the Macbook immediately, then tilt it to remove as much liquid as possible. It is crucial to avoid turning on the Macbook or waiting for an appointment with an Apple technician, as they are likely to suggest an expensive motherboard replacement. At Rocket Repairs in Southampton, we boast an impressive success rate of over 95% for repairing liquid damage on Macbooks brought to us within the first 48 hours. This rate stands at around 80% for those brought in later. Our services are not only efficient but also cost-effective, with repairs starting at just £99. We understand the importance of your documents and photos, and our skilled technicians strive to save them.

Southampton’s Premier Mac Hard Drive Repair and Recovery Service

At Rocket Repairs, we are proud to be Southampton’s top professional data recovery centre. We specialize in recovering data from faulty Mac hard disks and replacing them as needed. Whether it’s an iMac or a Macbook, our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians are capable of salvaging your precious memories and ensuring your device runs smoothly. If your Macbook or iMac is experiencing issues that prevent it from loading the operating system, bring it to Rocket Repairs in Southampton for a reliable fix.

Mac Upgrades

Mac Upgrades Available in Southampton: Apple’s design choices have made it increasingly difficult to upgrade Macbooks produced after 2016, with the exception of the Macbook Air models up to 2018. This limitation means that users are often forced to purchase new models for upgrades. However, there is still hope for iMac users. At Rocket Repairs in Southampton, we can upgrade iMacs that are not equipped with the new M1/M2/M3 chips. If you’re considering enhancing the memory or hard drive of your iMac, our team is ready to assist with expert advice and service.

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