Overheating Sony PS4 Pro

Sony PS4 Pro Overheating

Addressing the issue of an overheating PS4 Pro required a thorough examination and precise solutions to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Even though the console seemed to be working fine, the increase in fan noise during gameplay and the subsequent automatic shutdowns due to overheating called for immediate attention. When we looked into it, it became clear that the PS4 Pro’s cooling system needed some work to relieve the strain and prevent potential damage. Our team carefully disassembled the console, meticulously cleaning accumulated dust and debris from the internal components, especially the fan and heat sink assembly.

After the thorough cleaning process, we made sure that the cooling system was working optimally, allowing for efficient heat dissipation during gameplay. We conducted rigorous testing to confirm that the console no longer faced excessive heating, loud fan noise, or sudden shutdowns.

The quoted price of £65, covering labour, cleaning supplies, and quality assurance measures, was considered fair and reasonable by the customer. This successful repair not only restored the PS4 Pro to optimal condition but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering reliable and customer-focused solutions. By addressing the overheating issue promptly, we ensured that the customer could continue enjoying their gaming experience without disruptions, strengthening our reputation for excellence in providing expert console repair services.

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