Rattling xbox one s

Xbox One S rattling when moved and a storage upgrade

Addressing the issue of an Xbox One S with a loose object inside while also conducting an internal storage upgrade to 2TB required a meticulous approach and a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions. Initially, despite the console appearing to function normally, the presence of a rattling object within raised concerns about potential damage and interference with its performance. Upon thorough examination, our technicians discovered a bracelet charm lodged inside the disc drive, likely causing the disruptive noise. With precision and care, the charm was safely removed, ensuring no further damage was inflicted upon the console.

Following the successful removal of the object, we proceeded with the internal storage upgrade to 2TB, enhancing the console’s capacity for game downloads and data storage. This process involved sourcing a compatible high-capacity internal hard drive, rigorous testing was conducted to verify the upgraded storage’s functionality and reliability.

Upon completion of the repairs and upgrades, the customer expressed their satisfaction with the outcomes. Not only was the annoying rattling noise eliminated, but the expanded storage capacity provided added convenience and flexibility for their gaming experience. The quoted price of £190, which covered the cost of labor, replacement components, and quality assurance measures. This successful repair and upgrade not only restored the Xbox One S to optimal condition but also exemplified our dedication to delivering tailored solutions that meet the customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

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