Dead Sony PS3 Super Slim

Sony PS3 Super Slim with no power

Encountering a PS3 Super Slim that refused to power on due to a fault with the motherboard, specifically stemming from a failed WiFi chip, posed a significant challenge that required careful troubleshooting and technical expertise. The initial concern was amplified by the realisation that the console had precious memories in the form of pictures and videos of the customer’s children, which had not been backed up. Understanding the sentimental value attached to these files, our technicians prioritised the preservation of data integrity throughout the repair process.

With precision and diligence, we meticulously diagnosed the motherboard fault and identified the failed WiFi chip as the culprit behind the PS3 Super Slim’s power issue.

Throughout the repair process, we maintained open and transparent communication with the customer, providing regular updates on the progress and reassuring them of our commitment to preserving their cherished memories. Upon successful completion of the repair, the PS3 Super Slim powered on seamlessly, and the customer’s data remained intact, alleviating any concerns regarding potential data loss. The customer expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with the outcome, appreciating the thoroughness and professionalism demonstrated by our team.

The quoted price of £120, which encompassed the cost of labour, replacement components, and data preservation efforts, was deemed fair and reasonable by the customer. This successful resolution not only reinstated the functionality of the PS3 Super Slim but also ensured the preservation of irreplaceable memories, reflecting our dedication to delivering reliable and customer-centric solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.

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