MSI Stealth GS65 with noisy fan


Addressing the issues of a noisy fan and a failing internal battery on an MSI Stealth GS65 laptop demanded a comprehensive and meticulous approach to ensure the optimal functioning of both the cooling system and the power supply. Upon receiving the laptop, we promptly diagnosed the source of the fan noise, identifying a malfunctioning cooling fan as the culprit. The fan, responsible for maintaining the laptop’s temperature, was replaced with a high-quality component to eliminate the disruptive noise and restore efficient heat dissipation. Simultaneously, we evaluated the state of the internal battery, noting its inability to hold a charge. To rectify this, we procured a replacement battery, ensuring compatibility with the MSI Stealth GS65 model and adherence to the laptop’s power specifications.

The repair process involved the careful disassembly of the laptop, with specific attention to the cooling system and battery compartment. The new cooling fan was seamlessly integrated and replacement thermal compound was applied to the CPU and GPU, and the replacement battery securely installed. The laptop underwent thorough testing to verify the functionality of the cooling system and the charging capabilities of the new battery. This meticulous quality assurance step ensured that the MSI Stealth GS65 would not only operate without the disruptive fan noise but also function reliably on battery power.

The once-noisy MSI Stealth GS65 now operated quietly, and the battery-related issues were resolved, allowing for extended usage without being tethered to a power source. The customer expressed appreciation for the transparent communication throughout the repair process and the efficient resolution of the identified problems. The quoted price of £160 covered the cost of the replacement fan, internal battery, labor, and rigorous testing. This successful repair not only restored the laptop’s performance but also showcased our commitment to delivering precise and reliable hardware solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

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