Huawei Battery Swelling


Huawei Battery Swelling

This morning, a concerned customer walked in with an unusual issue – the inability to press the power button on their phone. The catch? The device was always snugly tucked inside a protective case, masking the alarming bulge on the back cover.

Upon closer inspection, our experienced team swiftly recognized the culprit – battery swelling. With immediate concern for the safety of both the device and its user, we advised the customer on the urgent need for a battery replacement.

Battery swelling is not just an inconvenience; it poses serious risks to both the device and its owner. The unnoticed expansion of the battery can lead to increased pressure on internal components, which could have caused permanent damage to the device. Moreover, the potential for thermal runaway and the risk of fire or explosion make addressing this issue promptly crucial.

In response to the identified battery swelling issue, we took immediate action. Recognizing the urgency, we swiftly ordered a genuine replacement battery for the affected device. To ensure the safety of both the device and its owner, we advised the customer to minimize phone usage until the new battery arrived.

It’s essential to note that this was the customer’s daily use phone and their only device. Understanding the importance of staying connected, we prioritized a quick resolution to minimize disruption to their daily life.

As soon as the replacement battery was delivered, we promptly notified the customer to swing by our shop. Upon the customer’s arrival, our team acted swiftly, removing and responsibly disposing of the problematic battery. Within the hour, the customer had their phone back and was happily sent on their way.

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