broken screen on a Lenovo gaming 3 laptop

Fitting a replacement screen on a Lenovo Gaming 3 laptop.

Addressing a broken laptop screen on a Lenovo Gaming 3 laptop presented a challenge that required meticulous attention to detail and expertise. The specific nature of the issue involved a 120Hz display on a gaming laptop, upon receiving the laptop, we conducted a thorough assessment to confirm the extent of the damage and ensure that the screen replacement was the only necessary course of action. Once the diagnosis was confirmed, we sourced a high-quality replacement screen compatible with the Lenovo Gaming 3 model, taking care to match the specifications of the original 120Hz display.

The replacement process involved delicate disassembly of the laptop, careful removal of the damaged screen, and precise installation of the new display. Attention to detail was paramount to ensure that all connectors, cables, and fasteners were secured properly. Additionally, we took measures to prevent any potential issues such as dust or debris entering the laptop during the replacement process, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the new screen. Once the replacement was completed, rigorous testing was conducted to verify that the 120Hz functionality was fully restored and that there were no dead pixels or other display abnormalities.

Upon presenting the fully repaired laptop to the customer, their satisfaction was evident, as the Lenovo Gaming 3 laptop now boasted a pristine, high-refresh-rate display. The customer appreciated the transparency throughout the process, from the initial assessment to the final testing phase. The quoted price of £140 encompassed the cost of the replacement screen, labor, and quality assurance measures. This successful screen replacement not only restored the laptop’s visual excellence but also exemplified our commitment to delivering reliable and customer-focused hardware solutions.

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