8mm film projector not feeding film

Eumig 824 Sonomatic 8mm Film Projector

Encountering an 8mm film projector that was not feeding film to the take-up reel presented a unique challenge as we do not normally repair items of this nature. Upon initial inspection, it became clear that several foreign objects were obstructing the film path, preventing the smooth movement of the film through the projector. The intricacies of vintage film projectors made the repair harder than normal, our technicians meticulously disassembled the necessary components to access and clear the obstructions. Each foreign object was carefully removed, ensuring no damage was done to the delicate internal mechanisms.

Once the film path was cleared, we conducted a thorough testing to make sure the projector functioned as normal. We also found the lamp had failed and we replaced this with a spare the customer had supplied to us.

Upon successful completion of the repair, the customer expressed their satisfaction with the outcome, relieved to have their cherished 8mm film projector restored to full functionality. The quoted price of £65, which covered the cost of labour was deemed fair and reasonable by the customer. This successful resolution not only reinstated the projector’s functionality but also exemplified our commitment to delivering reliable and customer-focused solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and their valued possessions.

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